DateProgram in Java

Here is a helpful file, it has two classes,
DateClass and Student class working together, will be little help in OOP concept,
I’ve inserted comments to make some working easy to understand,
still if you have some some problem understanding leave comment. I’ll answer.

Here is another project, helpful gadget for PrayerTiming, and Visualizing your TimeTable.
Download PrayerTiming Visual Calendar


DateProgram in Java

What is your ambition in Life?

Each one of us bears some innate quality which if nurtured properly, could lead us to the pinnacle of life. The almighty has sown a special seed in each human being however only a few are able to identify it. Identification, is the most important aspect in searching your purpose of life.

Why is it that only a few select people reach the top, be it singing, martial arts, education or research? It is because they have identified their purpose and they chase it passionately. Imagine a rudderless ship, which has no destination, and goes where ever the tides guide it to.

The same scenario applies to people who do not have a purpose in life. They tend to waver as per the circumstances of life. They serve no purpose to this world as they do not deliver what they were made for. In other words, these people lack productivity and they live for just the sake of living. They have no clear thought about their own life and how they want to live it up. The only thing that may matter to them is leading a life according how the circumstances are. But what are these people going to leave to this world? Are they going to R.I.P.? So how do we deliver for what we are intended for? Discover your self: This is the most important step. It may take a lot of time to discover your own self.

Firstly, remove any thoughts which have been there in your mind about yourself. It will be a difficult task but try to think about yourself from a different than usual perspective. Write down all your thoughts on paper. In the beginning you may find this activity a complete waste of time and energy but believe me it is going to lead you to your true self. Write what you are good at, how do you dealing with people around you. Also write down what you feel is bad about you and how others view you as a person, but for this you can seek feedback from the people you interact with, on a daily basis. This will give your picture in a whole.

Now write down about your ambitions which you had when you were a kid, how serious you feel about it now and also your current ambition in life. Don’t settle for less All of us have come to this world empty and all will die empty. Why should you not make the fullest of this life. Why be content with whatever has come to you so easily and which is not worth you. Your worth is more than what you are living with now. Once you start doing what you like, you will be putting more efforts and more interest.

Don’t be afraid of hard work You have to pay a price for all the things in this world. Even if it is doing what you like, you have to pay a price by giving up on leisure, fun and comfort and resorting to hard work. But don’t be afraid because it is going to be paid back to you, all your hard work will reap benefits to you, if not today then may be some day. Failures do happen The path to achieve something is not an easy one and you may fail at some point. Failures are the part of life and in any thing you do. Accept the failure gracefully and learn from it to move on with your mission. Plan your life Once you discover your true self, your true potential and your goal of life, do a little planning on how to work for it. They often ask you in interviews, how do you see yourself in 5 years from now? This is exactly what you have to ask yourself. What am I to do in next 5 years? Clarify the path forward and make necessary preparations to go ahead on this journey to achieve your goal of life.

Take control of your self The human being has an evil inside too which tends to pull you back and distracts you from the good things. In most of the cases the evil mind dominates the individual. This is the biggest hurdle in achieving ones goal of life. Take control of yourself. You will have to practice hard to tame your mind. Listen to the feeble inner voice which comes from your heart and guides you. Practice to listen to this guiding voice…

What is your ambition in Life?