What cool things can one do with an Android device that most people don’t know about?

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Answer by Ahmad Ali:

There is an app named, Autodroid, which has very interesting automation features.
Some of them are here and you can add your own.

Autodroid Applications
1. Speak every SMS received when my Phone is docked to car.
2. Reply with my ‘current location’ when SMS with text ‘where’ received, can
be used to locate your device.
3. Turn on ‘Mobile Sync’ every 10 minutes to check email then make it off. (to
save battery)
4. Turn my WIFI on and mobile data OFF when I am in office (to save on your
cellular data plan)
5. Speak ‘Charge Me’ when device battery is low than 30%.
6. Open “Maps Application’ when I turn on my “GPS” of the device. GPS is
mostly enabled for using maps location.
7. Alert me to drive home if I am in office and rain is coming in 2 hours.
8. Set my phone brightness to 10 % when its evening (to save battery).
9. Set Profile to ‘Silent’ from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM. You are sleeping.
10. Alert me to meet my friend when he is close to me in 200 meters or in the
same city etc.
11. Remind me of all events on the Google Calendar in your device.
12. Set Autodroid to give your friend a missed call for given seconds on a given time
13. Set Autodroid to monitor mood post by your friend on facebook, and autodroid will send him/her a message/call according to their mood, why they are happy/worry.
14. Now Autodroid can be set to speak caller name or number or message sender number.
You wont need to open your smartphone to check who is calling, or has sent a message.
15. And much more..you can design with a large number of events and actions.


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What cool things can one do with an Android device that most people don’t know about?

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