Why does Pakistan not clean sweep the TTP (Terrorist area)?

Answer by Adeel Ahmed:

How do you "clean sweep" an area when the TTP (Terrorists) are hiding and living amongst normal civilians (Innocent), without dropping bombs? The minute you enter your army there, which is already quite stretched, you run the risk of :-
i. Terrorists/Militants using civilians as shield
ii. India attacking us from eastern border (sounds unrealistic, but not for Pakistan, especially with evidence of India giving financial and otherwise support to the TTP to spread terrorism in Pakistan. Indian ex-army chief has admitted on television they do such activities in Pakistan, plus India has huge interest in Afghanistan precisely for destabilising Pakistan… they will be irked).
iii. Loss of Pak army soldiers as it is a very difficult terrain, and Afghans are very rugged and come from war clan, who are exceptional at guerrilla warfare

If of course, we go for the "easier" option of bombing the area, and run the risk of killing innocent civilians, and shrug it off as "collateral damage", then :-
i. How are we any different to TTP ?
ii. How are we any different to US and their drones?
iii. Will that really achieve peace? Won't it just breed more terrorism, as we know from our recent experience this "war of terror" has only bred more terrorists.
iv. How do you win a war against a mentality with bombs? Surely you can't kill an ideology by killing its followers?

Third option… Dialogue/negotiations… Well. That goes out of the window when emotions are running high, and everyone is vying for blood and revenge. Anyone wanting dialogue is seen as weak.

What is the solution? America gets out of Afghanistan and lets Afghanistan form its own indigenous government, as they like, whether it be Karzai, or Afghan Taliban (the most likely scenario), or Northern Alliance, whoever. Pakistan then attacks TTP from one end, and convince Afghan Taliban to attack them from the other end, so that they can't go back into hiding and mask themselves amongst civilians. However, I believe, it won't come to that, as, as soon as USA/Nato leave Afghanistan, TTP would know their days are numbered, and would start talking peace/negotiation/dialogue with Pakistan…

Until then, I'm afraid, its more of the same…

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Why does Pakistan not clean sweep the TTP (Terrorist area)?

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