How do I reinforce my faith in Islam?

Answer by Ahmad Ali:

Its a good question. What you do to reinforce your knowledge in any field? How do you become a good doctor. How you learn to speak good, behave good and all sort of manners.
The answer is "Living by those standards or experimenting in a suitable environment."  Now we have the problem of this environment thing. We don't have an environment now-a-days which can reinforce our faith in Islam but instead it weakens.
Another thing special to reinforcing our faith is calling people to faith. You learn something good when you teach it. It affects your hearts inner. You are exerting for it.

The sure way is going some days in very Islamic environment of Masjid plus teachings of Islam with people behaving just like we should. All in one package available is going with "Tableegh Jamat".  Tablighi Jamaat .

Tablighi Jamaat (Society for spreading faith) is an Islamic religious movement based on the principle of the "Work of the Prophets" inviting to God in the manner of Muhammad.

They have almost everything in the same way our prophet SAW has, especially in the part of his life in Mekkah. Most of the all, they are very polite and good at "Akhlaq". My days passed with this Jamat are the most peaceful and most reinforcing to my faith. This is the Jamat found in every part of the world. Hence Allah reached and gave opportunity to almost all humans to reinforce in Islam whether its America, Europe, Asia or Africa. Jazakallah.

How do I reinforce my faith in Islam?

How do I reinforce my faith in Islam?

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