How do I do managed study?

Answer by Ahmad Ali:

First thing is prioritizing what you are studying mostly based on your field of study and future.

For detailed answer on "What is the best study method please read this answer : Ahmad Ali's answer to What are the best study methods?

Further for this class and exam you will prioritize your modules based on
1. Their importance of knowledge
2. Their difficulty level ( to get pass in all )
3. Their Subject matter. (Math for example is a module which needs attention)
4. Their marks (if its case like some modules have more marks than others).

After you have prioritized your modules by all four or many other aspects now you need to prioritize your times based on

1. Your productive or creative time ( as I mentioned mostly its after wake up or at the down time "Sehri"). I benefited a lot from early wakeup.
2. Your mood or attention level and any thing related to your productive time for example when there is less noise.

Hence you can accord first ranking module(most important in any aspect) in the above list to your most productive time. For example if morning is productive time for you and the English is importance and difficult for you then the English module comes to your morning time. Hence the English will get more attention and time. Similarly you will assign number of hours to modules based on their above list that is ordered by their importance.

Second thing to consider is revision. Its most important and misunderstood by us. We should have a proper plan for revision constantly. If you study something then revise it at exam times you are wrong. Your memory has declined a lot after long time. Revise every second day, then second week and then second month and then 5 months and so. We are increasing time after first revision because now memory connections are more strong.

Another thing importance to memory is reading one topic from different sources. If you are reading something about, for example, in Pakistan Studies about History of Pakistan in your book. Then read history of Pakistan from  the wikipedia some other time. This is very good thing to make your memory good plus having correct knowledge.

Third thing to know about study is teaching or writing. Try to express your reading and learnings in your own way. Teach someone or just write. Its not important but a good way to strengthen your concepts.

The last thing is, consistency in your own life. Try to change your environment so as your mind changes accordingly. First day you will be motivated to follow timetable. But second day you might be feeling procrastinated. Motivate yourself read again this answer. Read lives of great people. Imagine your success. Learn about new technology and listen to news about your study subjects. It will increase your interest and knowledge. Keep exercising to lessen depression and make a good healthy mind. Get oxygen into your blood. Eat fruits and nuts. These things will not only keep your healthy but will remind you of being healthy and a cause, the cause you are following. You are exerting for success not a one day or one subject success but success in your whole life.

Best of luck. 🙂

How do I do managed study?

How do I do managed study?

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