Java GUI Form Builder

This is a very useful java GUI Form builder utility class. This is a useful addtion to java GUI builders list. You can build forms for input with a very little work and time.
It provides simple methods to start adding components in vertical or horizontal positions.
There are also other utility methods like adding fields with Labels and Groups of OK, Cancel Buttons etc.
Download Zip
there is a simple test program to show the working in zip file.

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Java GUI Form Builder

Stack Program (console) in Java

This is a fully working dynamic stack program example. The stack size is increased on overflow and decreased accordingly when empty space is more than 66% on pushing some element.
There is an interface to control the operations on stack. To make dynamic stack, the array is referenced to a new array with deferent size that is temporary. Other help comment are also present right in the code.

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Another version in which stack index variable starts from -1 is here .

Stack Program (console) in Java